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Promotional Videos

A key promotional video is vital to any brand, whether it's a B2B or B2C, law firm or animal charity, having that key video that engages people and builds trust can be a game-changer for marketing, sales and overall awareness efforts. They can showcase your purpose, your mission, your unique selling points, in a way that will make people actually listen – and more importantly, act.

A family in one of our videography productions

Brand Films

Brand films tell a narrative story that, directly or indirectly, promote a brand. Stories that connect with audiences using a brand's core messaging and purpose, ideally in the form of emotional stories that win hearts. Think John Lewis and their loved Christmas commercials, such as 'Man on the Moon'. At heart, we love to tell stories with a purpose, and brand films are the best way to do this.

Videography cardiff filmed in a social video setting

Social Videos

Videos designed for social media can serve many purposes depending on the brand. For instance, they can be great for promoting experience-led offerings, such as restaurants, gyms, hotels, by creating engaging video content that provides the viewer with a close-up of an experience. Shot in different styles, social media videos can encourage customer interactions and set your business apart from the competition online.

4k videography used to create a high-definition TV commerical

TV Commercials

TV commercials are still the most effective form of content marketing, as viewers are completely immersed in the content they're watching. We believe they're best when they're impactful and strike an emotional chord, leaving a lasting impact. Think the 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial or John Lewis and their 'Man on the Moon' commercial. TV advertising costs, more than anything else, is about making effective use of expensive runtime. We are trusted collaborators of Sky Ad Smart to deliver TV commercials.

A businessman in one of our corporate video production projects

Corporate Videos

The standard term for different types of video production has often been referred to as 'corporate video', covering things such as promotional videos for companies, case study videos, recruitment videos, event videos, and more. We tend to see them as those straight-to-the-point talking head videos used to communicate a message straight to the viewer.

A video agency testimonial

Video Testimonials

Never mind how good you think your business is, it is often delighted customers who can explain it far better than you, and explain just what a difference you make with your services. If you're considering using video to bolster sales, having your clients share their honest and positive experiences can only help in encouraging others to get in touch.

A product closeup our video agency made

Product Videos

Videos can do an excellent job of showcasing what makes a product special and desirable – how it works, how it looks, who it relates too, and the emotional context with a target audience. Video does a great job of communicating how desirable or useful it is, and helps audiences make their decisions quicker.

Videography Cardiff Music video

Music Videos

Add an extra dimension to a soundtrack, with a music video. There’s the opportunity to build another layer of emotional attachment, and exploit a broader range of video styles to stamp your individual artistic style on the production.

A 4k videography production

Educational Videos

Designed for educational and insightful purposes, not to directly sell a service, but showcasing expertise in a subject and giving back with high-quality content, positioning your business as industry leaders. Such as FAQ Videos for your website, video podcasts, industry insights, hot topics, and similar areas. 

Our video agency producing an explainer video

Explainer Videos

Ideal in situations where a product or service needs to be communicated on a more technical level using things like 2D animation and infographics, or helping with training in complex areas, breaking down a task into simply explained steps, while also demonstrating professional competence and customer value.

A videography Cardiff documentary production


Often in a longer video format, the documentary is a great way to get into the detail of a topic or subject area. Carefully crafted, whilst looking into a mission or cause to get to the heart of a story by asking the right questions. Documentaries can be a powerful element in marketing campaigns.

4k videography of an event

Event Videos

What better way to capture an important occasion than showing all the best moments through video. Celebrate the power of people getting together and the experience your brand creates. The production can not only reinforce the benefits for attendees, after the event but is a powerful way to promote future events, too. Occasionally paired with video testimonials from attendees to heighten impact.

A corporate video production digital content producer explaining how the video is filmed

Video Strategies

Tailored video strategies work alongside a marketing strategy. Videos can be vital in evolving campaigns of various natures, whether B2B or B2C. Again, this could be in the form of emotional key points with narrative-lead brand films, videos with straight-forward messaging, or just working out what your company is looking to shout about.

Post production used to enhance a corporate video production

Post Production

Post production is considered the final stage in any production that looks to connect the pieces of the filmed footage in the correct order to ensure the message or story is communicated in the most effective way. Alongside our video marketing services, we are a post production house covering the editing and also colour grading, motion graphics, VFX, music, and other things.

A video agency produced charity video

Campaign Videos

Campaign videos can be a combination of these different video types. Typically, they're not designed to be ever-green creative assets, but impactful video content that causes an audience to feel and act right away. 

videography Cardiff based training session

Training Videos

Training videos are popular and often necessary for many businesses and can be cost effective and overall more efficient than in-person training. A great series of training videos can last for years, and serve many purposes, such as showcasing the culture and values of a business.

A corporate video production photograph for a product


We don’t only provide video marketing services, as video production and photography are often linked in marketing. For instance, as part of the same project with the teddy bear pictured, you could take website photos in the studio, product videos in the studio, and produce emotional narrative films of the purpose behind the product.

videography with drones used to create an overhead shot of a car driving

Drone Videos

Drone filming has created a valuable additional dimension for video in recent years, being able to capture things from new heights such as stunning golf resorts, architectural masterpieces and cars driving through the woods and up through the mountains. The possibilities of drone filming are endless and continue to serve in unique ways.

Videography cardiff film production company that can produce videos in Welsh

Welsh Content

Being able to produce videos in Welsh is vital for many reasons. Whether that's through dialogue, subtitles, or other means, having the option to tell Welsh stories in the native language is an option we are passionate about providing to our clients.

4k videography for other types of content

Other Content

As a trusted video production agency, whatever your video production needs – whether the type of video you’re looking to create isn’t listed here or it’s a combination of videos or you’re looking for things like animation – just reach out and we’ll look to help with our in-house team and excellent freelancers.