Purpose-led video stories.

Black Swan Productions is an award-winning video production agency that wants to change the perception of brand promotion, by empowering brands to adopt a video-first marketing strategy, and focus on connecting with their audiences on a memorable level. We’ll get behind a mission, a story, and a purpose, to identify and deliver an an impactful message.

Authentic storytelling.

It’s important to connect and build trust on an authentic level with your audience, turning them into not only customers, but more importantly, fans for life. Whether that’s through emotional narrative-led brand films, engaging promotional videos, genuine documentary stories, customer testimonials, or other types of captivating brand stories.

Frequently asked questions about our services.

What video production services do you offer?

We offer a variety of video production services, such as corporate videos, brands films, promotional videos, event filming, business videos, TV commercials, social media videos, video editing, and more. Every project is unique, can have multiple uses, and can overlap on the terminology, but generally speaking, we cover all popular video production services.

How long does a video take to produce?

We’ve turned around projects on the same day, we’ve turned around projects in 2 weeks, but generally we turn around projects in 4-6 weeks. It generally depends on the scale of the project and what’s involved in the pre-production. We can work fast with a quick turnaround, or take months to plan, research, and script a project. 

Do you only cover the filming for your video projects?

Filming is an integral part of the production process, but it is only 1 of 3 key factors in producing a video project. Overall, we offer a full-service video production service, which covers the pre-production, which is the planning, scripting, research, location scouting, talent hiring, risk assessments, and things of this nature. With production, this includes the filming, where we handle the directing, producing, cinematography, sound recording, and other areas. Lastly, we have post-production, where we handle the video editing, colour grading, audio mixing, and overall bringing everything together to produce the final deliverables. 

What prices do you charge for your video services?

As every project is unique and has different requirements with the level of planning involved, amount of filming days, amount of editing days, additional equipment and even things like talent costs, location costs, and travel costs. It also depends on the level of the service, a TV commercial is different to a promotional video and would require a more advanced service. 

Is Videography the only service you offer?

Videography appears to be the popular term for providing a video service. In this sense, we provide videography, but instead of simply filming and editing, we have a full-service approach to our productions, covering the purpose, ideas, and overall vision. More on that in the next section.

Videographer vs Video Production Agency

There’s a key difference between a Videographer vs Video Production Agency. This isn’t to say one is better than the other, self-shooting videographers can produce fantastic videos, but generally speaking, a video production agency will have a wider approach to the vision of the project, what it’s going to achieve, and will look to have creatives in each roles, ranging from directors to cinematographers to editors. Thus, the agency costs more, but can deliver a higher service.

Why is video marketing important to people?

Why are videos important to people… well, that’s to ask why stories are important to people. Why human connection is important to people. Why films and TV shows are important to people. Videos are simply a way to communicate a message, and they can be fairly traditional, clear messages, without much emotional intent, or they can be creative, psychological, and look to capture hearts. Videos are important because they make it easier for us to understand and feel something, for us to watch and listen, and not be distracted by the outside world. 

Do you offer video editing services?

Yes, we provide tailored and trusted video editing services, as we are also a post production company, working from our offices in Cardiff. We’ve edited all kinds of videos from creatives and companies all around the world, from promotional videos to brand films to corporate videos and all sorts of other projects. With trusted suppliers, we can also provide motion graphics, colour grading, audio editing, and other post production services.