Black Swan Films

Black Swan Films

Alongside being known as an award-winning video production agency, we are also a film production company that produces independent films under the banner 'Black Swan Films', taking inspiration from Jungian psychology and filmmakers including David Lynch and Ingmar Bergman to create psychological, thought-provoking films that investigate the persona, unconscious, archetypes, shadow-self and other relatively unexplored areas of the human psyche. 

Current Projects

Control Room is an independent psychological horror short film that was filmed entirely in South Wales and Singer/songwriter Eli Fretter’s manager, Gill, has booked him into a state of the art studio space, in an attempt to encourage him to leave his traditional sensibilities and penchant for acoustic music and analog recording techniques behind, instead taking his place in the digital landscape of modern, electronic, music. Things take a surreal and nightmarish turn for Eli as reality appears to bend and distort, transporting him to-and-fro from the studio to a mysterious music venue and eventually to a dungeon, followed by a monstrous cloaked figure.

Upcoming Projects

Following Control Room, we will begin production on CUT! with a script already in development. CUT! will be a similar production to Control Room and looks at the unconscious, dream theory, the persona, and various other psychological aspects through the perspective of our main character. We're going to further push the boundaries of traditional storytelling as we explore the psychological genre. You can keep up-to-date with our productions and developments on our social media pages. As a film production company we're always open to new collaborations, so feel free to reach out

Wins & Next Steps

Control Room has just started its film festival run in South Wales, so we eagerly await to see where it’s selections and track the wins as it begins its journey. So far, with our first submission, we have won ‘Best Welsh Film’ (Narrative Film) for Focus Wales Film Festival, a BAFTA-accredited festival. As mentioned, we will begin CUT! soon too. Overall, we plan on producing a series of short films to build a portfolio and showcase our work, gain industry recognition through awards, build a following based on our unique storytelling, as we gear up to producing our first feature film, with early interest from investors to bring it to life. We have aspirations to create a body of work similar to the fantastic A24 productions.