Black Swan Productions

We are a video production company that loves producing videos that leave a lasting impact. Whether that's to win more business, win more hearts, win more attention – we're results-focused and purpose-driven on every project.

At it's core, brand storytelling connects with audiences, fans, customers, around the world. It expresses brands as a personality, as a story, as a mission or as a high-quality service. With video, this can be an emotional or straight-forward message that allows the audience to connect with. 

Using a variety of formats, we connect with your audience and convey your message in the most effective way, working across all kinds of video production, from promotional videos to narrative-brand films to video testimonials, and much more.

About Us

Black Swan Productions is a production company based in Llanishen, Cardiff, that works with clients across the UK. We love working on brand films for impactful marketing campaigns, promotional videos to increase new business, case study videos of your proudest projects, and other types of videos

A Unique Approach

Our approach is about asking the important questions to truly understand how videos can bolster your efforts. Instead of jumping straight into a brief, we like to truly understand the purpose behind a project, and ensure the end user of the video will be satisfied and ready to act upon the story we tell.

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A video production service made by collaboration with existing teams

Part of your Team

If you run a marketing department, we’ll become part of your team, whether it's on a one-off project or a dedicated video strategy. We pride ourselves on being fun and welcoming collaborators, and we love to brainstorm to bring ideas to life. We’ll ensure your brand or campaign shouts loud and proud, to connect with your target audience.

Welsh Language

Welsh language videos are becoming more and more popular, as there's a growing passion and love of Welsh culture, with more people choosing to learn and use the Welsh language. We're ready to help you produce this content with our bilingual team members.

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