Event Video Production

At Black Swan Productions, we’ve developed something of a reputation in event video production, specifically in South Wales and London, as we’ve worked all sorts of unique projects, ranging from award ceremonies, key conferences, internal events with stakeholders and more. 

In today’s digital age, event videos are crucial for showing prospects what’s in store for them when they book an event, and for capturing the essence and key points to share with a wider audience. They can be used to sell future events, reflect upon previous ones, and in all sorts of different areas such as key campaigns. 

About Us

Black Swan Productions is a production company based in Llanishen, Cardiff, that cover event video production across the UK. We love working on award ceremonies, key conferences, corporate and internals events, and other types of videos. What often sets us apart is including talking head videos and testimonials to bolster the occasion by showcasing the customers voice and experiences.

Customers First

Think about your customers journey. They don’t know what’s in store for them if they book your event, they might be searching for similar events or trying to find out what sets your event apart. Videos save them time, as once they find your video, they can be enticed to watch, engaged by what they see, and be happy to cut straight to the point, in the process getting them to feel and act.

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A video production service made by collaboration with existing teams

Working Together

We’re not looking to make a quick buck. When we work with event organisers, we work with them for years, as they can see the power of the videos on their event efforts. Whether it’s to increase sales, create a buzz, educate people internally or anything else. We look at the events goals and mission, and work together to create videos that align with them. It’s in our best interest to make sure the videos are a success, so you’ll shout about our services and we can work together on a long-term basis.

Tried & Tested

Event filming can be expensive and obscure. How can you know if you’re paying too much? How can you know the likely return on investment? What if the videos become useless in a couple weeks? It’s crucial for us that our videos can be as evergreen as possible, so they will last for years and achieve their goals. Thankfully, we’ve worked on many projects in event video production, and we’ve got the reviews to back up our passion. Notably, we were trusted to produce the video for the Wales Legal Awards 2023, the main event in the legal sector in Wales, and the Operational Real Estate Festival 2023, the main one of it’s kind in the UK.

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