We are passionate about providing tailored, high-quality and cost-effective post production (video editing) services with our creative and welcoming in-house team.

As we’re a production company, we have experience managing projects from start to finish, and thus understand the various requirements and issues that can arise, so have a strong understanding when dealing with challenges. 

What Is Post Production

If you’re a video producer, filmmaker or marketer, you likely know what post production means, but for those unaware, post production is the final process in the creation of filmmaking, video production, audio production, and photography. It’s often the manipulation and arrangement of footage to structure and present a message. It consists of things like video editing, colour grading, motion graphics, post audio, music, and more.

What We Do

We provide post production services for a variety of different projects and areas, ranging from a one-off video editing project that was filmed in-house or working alongside a marketing team and creating a plan alongside their content marketing strategy. We can tailor our service to a specific marketing budget and ensure everyone wins.

Why Partner?

There are numerous reasons people collaborate with us, such as projects being overrun and needing additional editing, sometimes because editing simply isn’t a content producer's thing, and various other reasons. Regardless, our process is simple, we chat about where you’re at, where you’d like to be, and how our team can collaborate to get you there.

Video enhanced by our post production company


Editing (Video & Film)

Our love for storytelling is shown in many forms, one of the key ones being editing. Like conducting an orchestra, editing means drawing all the pieces of great content together to tell an impactful story. We have experience editing in a variety of means, across TV, film, promotional videos, entertainment and more, both internally and for other agencies and productions.

Video enhanced by our post production company
post production agency Cardiff based for local film producers

Colour Grading

Colour is at the core of the emotion for any film, TV show, animation, painting, or any other artwork. Whether it’s a vibrant, bright, and exciting TV commercial, or a dark, grainy, and intense horror film, having the right colour is essential to connecting with your audience and setting the tone for any story. Our post production house uses our unique and varied experience in colour grading to add the icing on the cake for your project.

Motion Graphics & VFX

Having the right motion graphics and VFX can be essential for so many videography projects, adding a powerful extra dimension. Whether teleporting your audience to another world, or using impactful animation to explain a concept, we can cover your needs.

post production company highlighting accompanying graphics that can be used in videos
Post production house edited to be in black and white

Post Audio & Music

While video creates impact, combining it with the right audio can add a further level of emotional connection. We cover all your post audio needs to help create promo videos, horror films, or TV adverts with impact. By blending live recorded audio with sounds and music tailored to your project, you can have the perfect soundscape that fits your vision.


Clive Thomas, Managing Director of Watkins & Gunn

“We wanted a a mix of old photos from significant events in the firm’s history edited together to music to inspire and entertain our staff at our Christmas party. I instructed Black Swan Productions to do the editing job for us as we have used them for a number of corporate videos and have been very impressed. It proved to be an excellent choice, as the video they produced really fitted the bill and had the desired effect as our staff loved it – we even had a few tears! Thank you Black Swan Productions for another great job!"

Video enhanced by our post production company
post production agency Cardiff based for local film producers

Cerian Angharad MBE, Managing Director at See Science

“We had no previous experience of video production and were very lucky to have Black Swan Productions recommended to us! They provided much needed expertise, bringing to life what was previously a slide presentation with engaging footage targeted at teenagers in schools, adding information and figures with fun music and using the narration we provided. They were also patient with us, answering our questions and accommodating numerous edits in English and Welsh. We’ve had great feedback on the videos thus far and are looking forward to working with Black Swan Productions in the future."

Jamieson Hodgson, Deputy CEO at Memoria

“Black Swan were professional throughout. They shot a 2-hour long training video for us which had to incorporate hours of old footage from 80s and 90s television programmes and then edit that into a long piece to camera which looked to replicate an in-person training session. I was particularly impressed by the work ethic displayed in identifying the older footage which was not an easy task. We then went through several edits in post-production – all of which were managed well and in a timely fashion. I would have no issue in recommending Black Swan to any organisation – large or small."

post production company highlighting accompanying graphics that can be used in videos
Post production house edited to be in black and white

Noleen Mariappen, Entrepreneur

“I had the incredible pleasure of working with Black Swan Productions on some video editing for a non profit project. They are a wonderful combination of patient, creative, talented and supportive and did a fantastic job of bringing together the hodge podge of content in a coherent way, in a very short space of time. Highly recommended!”