Legal Video Production

At Black Swan Productions, we’ve developed something of a reputation in the legal sector with our legal video production, specifically in South Wales, as we’ve worked with various firms on all sorts of unique projects. Ranging from promotional videos to increase conversions, service videos to cut through the jargon, recruitment videos to showcase culture and minimize agency fees, video podcasts to showcase expertise, and more. Trust is vital to customers in any business, but when it comes to legal matters, it’s essential. So, what better way to build trust than by using the closest thing to a real life interaction, video.

In today’s digital age, law firms are increasingly turning to videos as a powerful tool to build trust, explain their brand values, and attract clients over their competition. Videos offer a dynamic and engaging way to convey legal services in a more digestible format, making them more accessible to a wider audience by removing the jargon heavy approach. By showcasing their personalities, expertise, and client success through videos, law firms can establish credibility, humanize their brand, and foster a sense of connection with potential clients through legal video production.

About Us

Black Swan Productions is a production company based in Llanishen, Cardiff, that works with law firms across the UK. We love working on promotional videos to increase new business, recruitment videos to showcase culture, video testimonials of customer success stories, and other types of videos

Customers First

Think about your customers journey. They likely know little about legal matters, they may be stressed, going through a difficult time and looking for a firm to help solve their issue. They're jumping from website to website, reading great walls of text, all in the hopes of finding the perfect firm. Videos save them time, as once they find your video, they can be enticed to watch, engaged by what they see, and be happy to cut straight to the point, in the process getting them to feel and act.

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A video production service made by collaboration with existing teams

Working Together

We're not looking to make a quick buck. When we work with firms, we work with them for years, as they can see the power of the videos on their business. Whether it's to increase revenue, recruit staff, educate their audience, or anything else. We look at the firms values and future goals, and work together to create videos that align with them. It's in our best interest to make sure the videos are a success, so you'll shout about our legal video production services and we can work together on a long-term basis.

Tried & Tested

Legal video production can be expensive and obscure. How can you know if you're paying too much? How can you know the likely return on investment? What if the videos become useless in a couple weeks? It's crucial for us that our videos can be as evergreen as possible, so they will last for years and achieve their goals. Thankfully, we've worked on many projects in the legal sector, and we've got the reviews to back up our passion. Notably, we were trusted to produce the video for the Wales Legal Awards 2023, and received a shout-out as the go to video agency in law.

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