Wales Legal Awards 2023

Wales Legal Awards 2023

The Wales Legal Awards celebrate excellence in teams practicing law and providing legal services in Wales. It's a culmination of recognizing top-performing firms for their hard work and networking throughout the night. The event offers various awards, including 'Law Firm of the Year' and 'Rising Star of the Year'. Due to our reputation in the legal sector, the organizers chose us to cover the event's video production and showcase the industry-recognized event. Overall, we produced a key video capturing the special night and created separate videos for each award winner. Additionally, we incorporated memories captured through photography.


Capturing experiences through video is the most effective way to communicate what a business offers. It provides a first-hand perspective of the customer's experience, and connect in a more emotional and human way. Your target audience hopes you'll make their lives easier by avoiding the need to search through your entire website for immersive content. Instead, they seek engaging and relatable videos. Whether it's an event, summer program, a luxury getaway, a cosy restaurant, or anything else.

Video Production

Attention spans are short, so we ensure your message gets across effectively, especially with event video production. Video is about storytelling, showcasing your organization directly or indirectly. It explains how you make a difference, your core values, and unique selling points to increase sales and brand awareness, building trust and emotional connections. We'll analyse competitors and brainstorm ideas to make your video stand out. Event video production has various purposes depending on the occasion. Typically, it aims to create the emotional response you desire for your event, and with your target audience.