TV Commercial – Bryngarw House

Bryngarw House - TVC

Bryngarw House combines country house charm character with modern elegance, couples receive exclusive use of the venue, to make their wedding days truly special. Alongside producing a promotional video, we also produced a TV commercial using the same footage, which includes drone filming and more. In a digital age, wedding venue video production is crucial for connecting with the target audience of potential customers. Imagine a couple searching for a venue, they're likely taking recommendations from friends, searching all across Google, jumping across social media pages, all in the hopes of finding the right venue. Generally, they don't to spend loads of time going through your entire website to understand the venue, they want a video that conveys the most important things right away, whilst being engaging for them.


Capturing experiences though video proves to be the most effective way of communicating what a business has to offer, offering a first-hand perspective of the customers experience. Your target audience is hoping you'll make their lives easier, not forcing them to look through your entire website to find the content that can put them inside the experience, with an engaging and relatable video. Whether that's a video of a  summer programme, a luxury getaway, a cosy restaurant, or anything else.

Video Production

Attention spans are short – we ensure you get your message across effectively, especially when it comes to wedding venue video production. Video is about storytelling, and your brand stories can directly or in-directly showcase your organisation, explain how you make a difference, the values that matter most to you, discuss your unique selling points, all in order to achieve more sales and increase your brand awareness. Overall, building trust and connecting emotionally. We’ll ensure we do the competitor analysis and brainstorm ideas to ensure you stand out in video.