NHS Wales – Building A Fairer Gwent

NHS Wales

NHS Wales: “Three years after the publication of ‘Building a Healthier Gwent’, the data tells us that it is getting harder not easier for people in communities across Gwent to live healthy, fulfilled lives. Inequities have been amplified by the direct and indirect harms of COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis. To support change Gwent has now become a Marmot Region." We provided a campaign video for NHS Wales that included interviewing Sir Michael Marmot, Dr Sarah Aitken and various CEO’s of South Wales councils. We combined the interviews with matching content from the day’s conference, footage from other relevant projects, and stock videos to create relatability and trust. 

Campaign Videos

Campaign videos are generally designed to be impactful and cause people to act right away, connecting emotionally. Unlike most types of videos which are best when created as ever-green creative assets to use for years, these videos are best when they pack a punch and serve a dedicated purpose. Campaign videos is a bit of a loose term, but generally speaking, if you have a marketing or PR campaign, you can elevate, summarise and connect with it through a campaign video. 

Video Production

Attention spans are short – we ensure you get your message across effectively, especially when it comes to campaign videos. We believe video is about storytelling, and your brand stories can directly or in-directly showcase your organisation, explain how you make a difference, the values that matter most to you, discuss your unique selling points, all in order to achieve more sales and increase your brand awareness. Overall, building trust and connecting emotionally. We’ll ensure we do the competitor analysis and brainstorm ideas to ensure you stand out in video.