Memoria – Teddy Bear

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We've produced a number of video projects for Memoria, who are one of the largest and most respected funeral providers in the UK. They decided to venture into home memorial products, and we provided studio and lifestyle photography and videos. On this occasion, they were looking to promote their teddy bear product in a more unique manner. Thus, we produced a narrative-led, emotional brand film, in order to connect with people on an authentic level. This looked at a young girl struggling to follow her passion for drawing whilst dealing with the loss of her grandfather.

Narrative Storytelling

Understanding the emotional connection and overall purpose of Memoria's home memorial products was vital in coming up with an effective idea for a brand film. We focused on showcasing the 'why' instead of the 'what' for the products existence. Focusing on the emotional attachment and a relatable story was vital in bringing this marketing campaign to life. People love stories and want to connect on a deeper level, especially if a product is based around sentiment, so producing emotionally impactful and relatable stories offers a greater opportunity for audience success. 

Brand Films

Brand films tell an emotional story that – directly or indirectly – promotes an organization, service or product. These are designed to connect with a target audience in a different way than most videos produced by a business. The goal isn't to hard sell your audience with what makes you the best, but to create content that makes them relate, or laugh, or cry, or just simply know and like your brand. Overall, connecting the audience to your brand's core messages. These are narrative-based, potentially emotional,  short films made by talented filmmakers to convey the heart of a brand – think John Lewis at Christmas and their Man on the Moon advert.