Firms & Films: Building Trust Through Video

Top 5 Legal Video Ideas

How can law firms stand-out with video production?


In a legal landscape saturated with competition, it's crucial for law firms to distinguish themselves not just through exceptional service but also by injecting personality and transparency into their brand. Captivating videos not only highlight your stellar work but also unravel the distinctive elements that set you apart.

Promotional Video

Why: Envision the customer journey navigating firms with similar USPs like stellar reviews and a longstanding reputation. Amidst endless text on websites, a promotional video becomes a powerful tool. It succinctly communicates a firm's personality, services, unique selling points, values, mission, purpose, and client testimonials, providing a captivating and memorable way for clients to connect with your firm.

What: A promotional video is generally a short video that explains who a company is, the services they provide, their unique selling points, values, mission, purpose, and client testimonials. 

Where: To be placed on the homepage of the website, sent to interested clients, pinned to the top of socials, sent in email campaigns, played at events, and used in sales and marketing efforts. This is like a video business card, and can be used as a firm's ultimate creative asset. 

Here’s a link to an example:

Video Testimonials

Why: Video testimonials enable law firms to authentically showcase client satisfaction, fostering trust and credibility. The visual impact surpasses written reviews, providing a dynamic and persuasive tool to emphasize the firm's expertise and client-focused approach, thereby attracting potential clients. Imagine prospects witnessing real customers who willingly go on camera to endorse your firm's excellent services.

What: Video testimonials, or customer success stories, are about having happy clients sit in-front of a camera to discuss the fantastic work a firm did for them and the problems they solved. 

Where: Similar to the promotional video, these can be placed on the website, shared on social media, etc, but they can also be used more strategically in marketing a specific service you're looking to push. 

Here’s a link to an example (non-legal):

Service Videos

Why: Embedding videos on each service's web page provides distinct advantages. It enhances communication, as prospects don’t need to read endless text, whilst building trusts and credibility. The videos showcase expertise, aiding in SEO and increasing engagement on social media. They differentiate the firm from competitors, educate clients, boost conversions, ensure accessibility, and improve client relationships.

What: Service videos are individual promotional videos of specific services like property, education, later life, and more. 

Where: Ideally, these will be placed on the respective web page of each service and landing pages, so when a potential customer lands they can watch a video to explain the service and book a chat right away. 

Here’s a link to an example:

Recruitment & Culture Videos

Why: Recruitment videos are vital for law firms, dynamically highlighting the culture, values, and work environment. They offer insight into the firm's ethos and team dynamics. This personalized approach attracts top talent, elevating the recruitment process by standing out from standard job perks and avoiding costly recruiter fees. When deciding to join a firm, do you think the impact of its culture is a crucial factor?

What: Hearing from happy staff members has numerous benefits, as they can be meet the team videos, culture videos, recruitment videos, and all of them in one. They are designed to showcase the happy faces behind a firm, their career journey's, what they like about working at the firm, their future goals, the company culture and things like this.

Where: Ideally, these will be used in recruitment efforts, so can fit nicely on a 'join us' or 'careers' page, and anywhere else suitable such as in social media posts with job opportunities.

Here’s a link to an example:

Video Podcasts

Why: Law firms can greatly benefit from engaging in video podcasts as a dynamic and modern form of communication. A key advantage is the ability to humanize the firm and its solicitors, allowing prospects and clients to connect more personally. They provide a platform for showcasing the expertise and personalities of the legal professionals, fostering trust and transparency, whilst giving back to their audience.

What: Video podcasts are uniquely designed to educate people whilst showcasing expertise and building trust. You often see them in the form of webinars and recorded from computers, but they're most impactful when produced through professional filming. 

Where: Ideally, these will be used on social media and within website blogs to boost Google rankings. They can also be used when acting on behalf of a news outlet by having an expert discuss a topic.

Here’s a link to an example:

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We hope these video ideas help spark creative inspiration and get you thinking about how your firm looks from the outside, looking at things from a customer perspective. We are always happy to offer a free chat to discuss any potential projects you have in mind and provide a consultation on how videos can elevate your firm. This blog was written by Haydn Wakeling, Founder of Black Swan Productions.