Accident Claims Wales (W&G)

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Accident Claims Wales

We’ve worked with Watkins & Gunn Solicitors on many projects over the years, and on this occasion, we produced a promotional video for their sub-site, Accident Claims Wales, which specialises in accidents at work, road traffic accidents (including motor cycle accidents), slipping and tripping accidents and clinical negligence (medical negligence) claims. Instead of going for a talking head in a suit talking about the firms services, USPs, values, etc, we want a different route, and looked to build trust through our reputable legal video marketing. 

Customer Perspective

Think about your customers journey. They likely know little about legal matters, they may be stressed, going through a difficult time and looking for a firm to help solve their issue. They're jumping from website to website, reading great walls of text, all in the hopes of finding the perfect firm. Videos save them time, as once they find your video, they can be enticed to watch, engaged by what they see, and be happy to cut straight to the point, in the process getting them to feel and act. Legal video marketing proves to be the way forward time and time again for engaging and winning more business.

Video Production

Attention spans are short – we ensure you get your message across effectively, especially when it comes to companies promotional videos. We believe video is about storytelling, and your brand stories can directly or in-directly showcase your organisation, explain how you make a difference, the values that matter most to you, discuss your unique selling points, all in order to achieve more sales and increase your brand awareness. Overall, building trust and connecting emotionally. We’ll ensure we do the competitor analysis and brainstorm ideas to ensure you stand out in video.