Memoria – Training


Memoria is one of the largest independent funeral companies in the UK, and we have produced many projects with them, such as this training / induction video. Whilst the video is for internal use, it runs for 2+ hours, and saves the training team countless hours and provides a more engaging form of  induction for new staff, by sharing the companies history, values, services and more. Video is private and for internal viewing only.

Training Videos

Training videos are a crucial part of many businesses and serve many purposes. One of the forgotten purposes can be showcasing company culture and the internal brand, by setting the tone and personality for the new starter. Alongside this, they can be more engaging than in-person training, and far less time consuming, lasting for years and being re-purposed. 

Video Production

Attention spans are short – we ensure you get your message across effectively. Your brand stories can directly or in-directly showcase your organisation, explain how you make a difference, and focus on your unique selling points, in order to achieve more sales and increase your brand awareness. We’ll ensure we do the competitor analysis, and brainstorm ideas to ensure you stand out in video.